Return back via Javascript

The codes below can be used to traverse back to previous link via javascripts.

Using a button:

Text link :

« Go back

The best way would be to use the HTTP_REFERER with php.

<?php $referer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'f (!$referer == '') {
echo '

« Go back

} else {
echo '

« Go back



The new google plus social networking

Hi everyone.. Hope you have noticed the latest bzz going around the world of internet that is the google plus.. A sample demo has been provided and its getting huge positive reviews.. This is definitely going to be a hit in the stomach for facebook and Mark.. This traces back to the day when orkut was the social networking site that everyone visited provided by google.. All was going well until facebook came and it literally got all orkut and other smaller social networking members into a single place- facebook…

Face it guys , facebook needed a major change or else it was gonna fall someday due to boredom.. The google’s efforts to displace facebook had failed in the previous two attempts with BUZZ and similar ones that they released.. But nothing was a hit.. But this time i feel they have definitely got their act together and this is gonna be huge.. Check out google plus for a small demo and its gonna blow you off.. Remember this is just a small piece of whats gonna come banging…. Lets wait for it and see how facebook reacts to this..:)

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Add Google +1 to your website…

Hi.. Everyone must have seen the new tool released by google for sharing purpose… We can easily add this gadget to our site with the help of the following code..

(script type="text/javascript" src="")(/script)