Jquery – Ajax

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. It is a flexible, query-based source code browser, developed as an Eclipse plug-in. After selecting a java working set of interest, a JQuery user can define his or her own top-level queries (or “browsers”) on-the-fly by formulating logic queries and running them against his/her source code. Alternatively, the user can choose from a variety of pre-written browsers, and use as-is or modify to suit their specific needs. Individual elements in the tree can then be queried individually in the same fashion. The user can specify how query results are organized in the hierarchical tree viewer using a simple variables editor interface.

There are thousand of applications that run with jquery. Because its lightweight its most sought after library source when compared with other scripting languages like javascript. Jquery and ajax combination for a formidable combination and can literally find a way around any problem. Everyone will have his/her time learning jquery. If you are having a base in Javascripts then understanding jquery will be pretty easy task.

While JavaScript doesn’t necessarily be an eye-catchy one, jquery definitely has that one. This one difference, makes jquery hugely. The most common jquery plgins used are UI-Calendar, Jquery Lightbox, Jquery Slider, Jquery Scroller, Jquery Drag & Drop, Accordion(vertical and horizontal), Auto-complete(which I’ve personally used), Jquery Tabs, Progress Bar etc… The jquery has become so popular and developer friendly that it’s almost wiping out the entire usage of flash gallery in web development projects. The latest release in the jquery ui has been the jquery ui 1.8.13.

I can suggest certain articles through which one can learn and try to understand jquery,
Written Articles
• Getting Started with jQuery – this is the official jQuery getting started guide.
• jQuery for JavaScript Programmers – Simon Willison (creator of django) gives you an introduction to jQuery for people who already understand JavaScript.
• jQuery Crash Course – Nathan Smith gives a quick introduction to jQuery on Digital Web Magazine.
• Introduction to jQuery – Rick Strahl,

• jQuery Fundamentals – open-source e-book written by Rebecca Murphey in collaboration with other well-known members of the jQuery community.
• jQuery Enlightenment – Cody Lindley’s e-book covers advanced topics on jQuery with links to working code examples in jsbin.

Web Link

The above mentioned sites and books have helped me a lot in understanding and getting deep into the world of Jquery.
The very basic code for jquery is as follows :


click me, I will disappear.


The first step will be to try and figure out the above code by yourself and change the paragraph tag(

) and replacing with

tags and so on. And before you know it, you will be addicted to jquery and you’l try to use jquery wherever and whenever possible.

That’s for now guys… Happy Coding…!!


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