Selecting Random values from a table..

$query = ” SELECT  *  FROM  demo  ORDER BY  Rand()  LIMIT  2″;


Image Hovering..

If u have a div with a background image and u want that to display a new image on hover, u can use the following. This helps to remove the use of <img src> inside the <a href></a> tag.

Here is the html script:

<a href=””><div id=”iconhoarding”>

The style sheet is as follows:




Scrolling Navigation Menu

This is a problem faced by many of us. The design goes completely aweful if the drop down menu has a little more contents than what we had expected. I happened to come across a client where they added like a million submenus and the drop down would drop to literally the entire length of the page.

So a scrolling drop down menu would be the perfect choice. Here ive come across one scrolling drop down which uses help of Javascript.  Check out the link :